Contraindications for infrared sauna: implants and menstruation

Recently there were some questions from readers about infrared sauna contraindications, so I decided to write about it. The questions were about two types of contraindications I listed in my article ‘Is infrared sauna safe for you?‘: implants and menstruation.

The list of contraindications in that article was created by analysis of various sources on the Internet, as I have no medical education, so I cannot judge the validity of recommendations myself. Some websites don’t consider menstruation and implants a contraindication, so this is an unresolved question.

For menstruation, use of infrared sauna can increase menstrual flow. The popular opinion is that it’s a woman’s choice to take or not to take sauna sessions during that period, because some women find heat relieving and some don’t like it.

For implants, it’s harder to tell. I see no obvious reasons why implants should be prohibited in an infrared sauna, because they are unlikely to heat more than body tissues, but there is a variety of implant types and materials and effects of infrared heating can be unpredictable.

So, probably, implants and menstruation are not contraindications. But you should consult a specialist first and take sauna with caution in the beginning.

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