Choosing infrared sauna if you have MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity)

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2006

Some naturopaths recommend a far infrared sauna as a supplementary treatment for MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) symptoms. Having infrared sauna recommended, people with MCS start to search for infrared saunas and discover that there are many types of infrared sauna – cabin, dome, tent, or even blanket. They all are quite expensive. All claim to […]

Do it yourself infrared sauna

Thursday, February 9th, 2006

Buying an infrared sauna cabin can be too expensive, especially if you’re not sure you’ll benefit from it. Infrared sauna blankets, bags or domes force you to lie on one place for half an hour and are not cheap too. However, another option exists – it is to do an infrared sauna yourself. I heard […]