High Tech Health TL-3 (Thermal Life): Infrared sauna review

Wednesday, May 17th, 2006

High Tech Health TL-3, also known as Thermal Life, is another 3-person infrared sauna model: Wood: Poplar. External dimensions: Width: 60 1/2 in, Depth: 44 1/2 in, Height: 73 1/2 in. Heaters: Sand-filled, ceramic coated. Outlets: 110 V, 20 Amps, 2010 Watts. Accessories: Stereo speakers. Warranty: Heaters – lifetime, cabin and electronics – 5 years. […]

EZe Products J5: Infrared sauna review

Thursday, May 11th, 2006

Another 3-person infrared sauna model, EZe Products J5: Wood: Cedar External dimensions: Width: 60 in, Depth: 44 in, Height: 74 in. Heaters: 6 heaters, back (3, carbon), front (2, sand-filled ceramic), under the bench (1, sand-filled ceramic). Outlets: 120 V, 20 Amps. Accessories: Speakers (you can setup audio from reciever or other external source). Warranty: […]

Infrared sauna review: High Tech Health TL-2 (Thermal Life)

Wednesday, February 15th, 2006

This review will be about a 2-person TM-2 (Thermal Life) infrared sauna model by High Tech Health. This is a well-known company and their infrared sauna models are widely spread. As a result there are many different opinions on their product. I’ve read both positive and negative views on the web. For example Andrew Hall […]

Infrared sauna review: EZe Products J3

Wednesday, January 25th, 2006

Today there is another 2-person sauna model in a row or infrared sauna reviews, J3 sauna by EZe Products. Their site is rich with information and pleasant to read. It contains many resources about infrared saunas. EZe Products position themselves as a respectable company that concentrates on the main function of infrared sauna – infrared […]